How to dry shoes in a dryer without noise or damage


After washing a couple of pairs of tennis shoes recently, I discovered that getting them dry wasn’t as easy as just tossing them in the clothes dryer. Not only did they make a terrible racket as they bounced around inside the rotating drum, they also kept turning off the dryer by hitting the inside of the dryer door.

A little searching online revealed a very simple technique for drying shoes – without noise and without damaging the shoes or the dryer.

  1. Tie the shoestrings of a pair of shoes together into a loose knot.
  2. Close the dryer door with the shoes hanging on the inside and the knot on the outside.
  3. Run dryer on low heat until shoes are dry.

Doesn’t get much easier than that! =)

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Yes, you can put them in the dryer. I put the sneakers in a pillowcase and knot it to keep it from unraveling. Works like a charm.

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