Spring 2014

Fur baby


A gorgeous young cat showed up at our back patio door weekend-before-last while snow and sleet was coming down. We figure she was either dropped or lost, so we brought her into the garage to keep her warm. She is the sweetest thing, and she just loves attention. I take her outside during the day, and she follows me around the yard like a puppy. I wish we could keep her, but we already have three cats indoors. We are trying to find her a good home where she can stay inside most of the time.

Flower Power


I was unfamiliar with Sedum until I noticed some coming up in a flower bed here three years ago. The light green buds open to pale pink flowers that darken in the weeks leading up to cold weather.


I stumbled upon this Black Diamond Red Hot crape myrtle at Lowe’s a few weeks ago and immediately knew I had to have it. I love the contrast between the bright red flowers and the almost black leaves. I can easily see this becoming one of my favorite plants.


My former neighbor gave me this Bluebird Rose of Sharon tree for my birthday earlier this year. Although the blooms are more purple than blue, it makes a nice addition to our landscape.


Another one of my favorites, the Surprise Lilies were out in full force a couple of weeks ago. Although the blooms don’t last long, they are always a treat when they seem to spring from the ground and bloom virtually overnight.